5 Tips on Managing Back-to-School Stress

It’s August and that means Back-to-School for students and those who work in the education field (looking at you College Marketers!). While this is an exciting time for most, it can be pretty stressful. Changing from your easy-going summer routine to now the structure of school is no easy feat. We’ve compiled some of our favorite tips to concur the Back-to-School blues.

  • Plan Ahead

    One of the hardest parts of returning to school or work after a long summer break is getting your sleeping pattern back on track. Try easing yourself back into waking up early by starting 2 weeks before your first day back. That way you’ll be well rested and ready for a new school year upon your return!
  • Prep when Possible

    Anything that you can prepare ahead will make your first days back that much easier! One of the easiest things to prepare is your meals. Make lunches, prepare breakfast, and have dinner ready to go in the oven when you get home. You will end up making healthier choices, you’ll save money, and you will prevent any added stress.
  • Create a To-Do List

    Returning to work or school after a long break can feel overwhelming. You have a trillion things to do and they all needed to be done yesterday. Creating a to-do list and prioritizing what needs to be done can do wonders for your stress. We are still trying to train our office dog to complete our to-do list (get it together, Junior!).
  • Schedule Some Fun

    Plan something to look forward to for your first week back. Whether it’s dinner with friends, a spa trip, or just a night in with a good book, something to get your mind off of work and to extend your fun-loving summer self just a little bit longer.
  • Ask for Help!

    We tend to cling to the idea that we can do it all but we will overwork ourselves to get there. The truth is, we’re all in this together and everyone needs help sometimes. Even just asking a colleague to talk out a difficult problem can be such a stress reliever.


On that same note, if you are a college marketer and feel like you are drowning in Facebook ads, we would love to help out! We have resources available and would love to talk through the issues you may be having.


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