How (Low-Budget) Video Adds Authenticity To Your Brand

It’s 2018. And it seems like everywhere we go online, we are bombarded with clever words, photoshopped images, and flawless graphics, all competing for our attention. One of the most frequent questions we get from our college clients is, “How do we not get lost on Social Media?”

Our answer? Video. Showing real people and real experiences.

Share your story with them. Tell your future students how attending your school will transform their life. With today’s technology, all you need to accomplish this is a story you believe is worth sharing, a little creativity, and an IPhone. Prop up your phone against a mug on your desk, and film yourself talking about why you believe in your nursing program. How exciting it is to empower and equip students for a career in helping others!

Tell your story about how it’s never too late to earn a degree and change your life. Interview your students on their favorite part of their major. Or film a cosmetology student doing some crazy cool zombie makeup in class and share it on Facebook! You don’t need a huge budget, scripts, actors, or fancy cameras… you just need a good story to share.

And real people giving their real stories is powerful.

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