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Agencies can have a bad rap. That's why we want to help you understand exactly what we can—and will—do for your college.

Clear communication. No agency lingo. Our promise.

Building a (fun)ctional funnel

No matter what programs we're promoting, the first steps are the same. We start out by creating a funnel that will effectively lead students through six important steps, starting with the moment they become aware of your school or program, and ending with an application.

A multimedia approach

Creative assets from school to school and program to program will vary. However, we stay within a pretty standard set of marketing channels that we have found work well for helping generate leads for colleges. Depending on your school's needs, we may create:

Facebook Ads

Email Campaigns

Landing Pages

Benefits vs. features

Throughout everything we do, we work to show real value to potential students. We ask ourselves the question: "What would prospective students gain from completing this program?" and then work to drive those benefits home.

We focus on the "why," not the "what."


"We have worked with Smart College Marketing for 4 years.  They are our secret weapon for enrollments from digital campaigns."

Toney McFadden - Chattanooga Technical College
Each of our college marketing engagements kicks off with a workshop to build out our Student Enrollment Roadmap, a worksheet we've developed just for college marketers. Download our worksheet below, or contact us to schedule an introductory workshop!

Interested in a (fun)nel building workshop? Download our guide!

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